«There are several days of new beginnings, days in which everything starts. What happens in this day makes the days, weeks and months that followed, the happiest part of your life, you think. You feel you can do anything, that it will last forever and you have a stupid smile on your face. But then, it happens the day when everything is over, your head falls down and what happened makes the next 200 days a part that you only want to survive, you want to go back, you miss who you were and you have regrets. You may cry a lot and think that you´ll never be the same but, they say that the truth is that you have learned, you have grown up and that after all the pain that you had for loosing who you loved, you'll move on but you won´t forget those happy days and you will still be missing it.

For me, the truth that I know is that true feelings never change, and this should solve everything, always.»

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